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Things to include in your resume and LinkedIn profile as a public relations major.

Start Building Relationships

LinkedIn is typically thought of as a career-related platform that allows people to find and apply for work. However, it does not always have to be used for active job searching. As a Public Relations professional, or any professional in the communications world for that matter, one quickly realizes that making connections is imperative to success in your field.

Making connections and talking to new people is called networking. This platform can also be used for simply making connections, building a network, or it can be used to refer someone else who may be looking for a different opportunity. 

When attending an event or talking to new people it is important to always have your LinkedIn profile updated and ready to share. Just showing that you’re an active member and engaging with your connections on LinkedIn is a good strategy in itself. Don’t be shy. 

Start reaching out to connections on direct messages, comments, and have conversations with people and engage with their content. Do not just reach out to people only when you need something. Instead, show genuine interest in what your other connections are doing and their success.

Skills to include.

 When setting up your LinkedIn profile, it is important to include a photo. Include a professional-looking photo or headshot because just that alone can go a long way. First impressions are very important when seeking jobs and new opportunities. 

Be specific about what skills you brought to the workplace in your previous jobs. For example, if you had a prior job working in customer service, be very detailed about what actions you took to go out of your way for your customers. In what ways did you improve sales? What specifically did you bring to the company that no one else did? 

Remember what kind of employee you were and your success  in your previous jobs tells a lot about the kind of person they are hiring.

Experience to include.

Some students were only enrolled in school and did not hold any jobs while in college. Perhaps they do not have a lot of work experience in general. In these circumstances, there are still a few ways an individual can make themselves stand out to a firm or agency. 

Those who are recently out of college and do not have much experience working in the field of PR can can also showcase any relevant groups or activities they were involved in while in college. This includes any sororities and professional organizations they were involved in such as PRSSA or AMA, and mentioning what you did and what ways you were involved in these groups. 

It is also important for students to be very specific about how they involved themselves and what they did specifically in these groups. Provide examples of what you did, not just the role description.

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