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  • Deb Gilbert

The Ways Social Media Has Impacted Tourism

The rise of social media has changed society as we know it, including the world of tourism. One example of how it has changed society is that it has brought a great deal of attention to remote places around the world and made them prospering tourist attractions. 

Less people are using brochures anymore, instead, they are looking to social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Now it is more common to seek out other people’s social media posts and follow influencers and travel bloggers for their inspiration.   

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Many people have seen various places on social media and have felt drawn to them because of their picturesque quality. For example, Chefchaouen, Morocco has become a common place for tourists due to its picturesque qualities seen on platforms such as Instagram. Still to this day, Chefchaouen continues to gather a lot of attention from social media influencers such as @aishajanki and travel blog influencers such as Jack Morris from @DoYouTravel.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park in Canada is another tourist attraction that has gained a lot of attention because of social media. CBC News once reported that in 2017 Banff National Park had to temporarily shut down a few of their trails due to the number of tourists coming there. This national park is a good example of the powerful force social media can be in bringing tourists from around the world to visit these remote places

Alsace, France

Another example of a town that has gotten more attention through social media is the small town of Alsace, France. Although it is a less commonly known name compared to Paris; Alsace, France has garnered a lot of attention because of tourist posts on social media. Alsace serves as a great example of how social media has helped to bring business into these small tourist towns and helped them to grow. 

Many people would not have ever thought of traveling to these places before social media. Present day, these places serve as great examples of how social media has impacted tourism. I encourage readers to consider how social media has helped to bring light to these remote places around the world. 

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