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The Real Stars of the Super Bowl: The Commercials

Top 5 Commercials from Super Bowl LVIII

The Super Bowl is a high spectacle live event that attracts the attention of millions of viewers and consumers. Therefore, that makes it the perfect opportunity for brands and companies to put themselves out there and make an effort to sell their product or service to the audience members. 

In recent years, companies have taken advantage of this so much so that the commercials themselves have become a spectacle to watch outside of the Super Bowl. In today’s media climate some of these commercials are now creating commercials or trailers for themselves in anticipation of the Super Bowl. 

With all of that being said, these commercials are the ones that grabbed the most people’s attention. 

1. The Dunkings - Views: 4.6 Million

The Dunkin’ Donuts ad features cameos and appearances from multiple celebrities representing Boston from Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady. In their efforts to get on to Jennifer Lopez’s next album they sing, dance, and make an absolute fool of themselves and the result is a very entertaining commercial for consumers to indulge in. 

2. Like a Good Neighbaaaa - Views: 43 Million

Steering away from the State Farm agent you’re used to, State Farm introduces Arnold Schwarzenegger as its new agent in a funny twist on the typical action movie trailers people are used to. This combined with his accent that just can’t pronounce the ‘r’ in ‘neighbor’ makes for a funny and nostalgic ad that audiences enjoyed thoroughly.

3. Paramount’s Mountain of Entertainment - Views: 11 Million

Take a little piece from every part of Paramount+’s streaming platform and you’ve got their Super Bowl ad. From Sir Patrick Stewart to Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa to Arnold from Hey Arnold. The ad does a great job of catching the attention of so many different audiences while showing off what their service has to offer. 

4. The M&M’s Almost Champions Ring of Comfort - Views: 290,000

Leaning into the Super Bowl and the past “almost” champions, the M&M mascots design a ring with diamonds made from the peanut butter inside M&M’s so that the runner ups finally get something instead of leaving empty handed again. With football legend cameos and humor tie-ins from the mascots, it makes for an ad that uses the Super Bowl to its advantage. 

5. Talkin’ Like Walken - Views: 3.4 Million

BMW uses Christoper Walken and his iconic voice to show off some of their electric vehicles in this ad. Playing into impressions of the famous actor, several everyday acquaintances do their best at trying to imitate Christopher Walken only to butcher it in the process. This allows for BMW to use the tagline of there being only one Christopher Walken just like there is only one best way to ride. 

All in all between the games and the halftime shows, the commercials have found their stride and have become a spectacle in and of itself.

To read more about Super Bowl commercials or to let us know what other commercials shared the spotlight visit Meeman 901 Strategies.

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