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  • Deb Gilbert

The Future of Ai in Public Relations

Release of Ai 

Artificial intelligence technology is still a recent discovery. It has not been very long since AI technology was first released, yet so many people are discovering new uses for it each day and new ways they can use AI to assist them in their daily lives. AI can even be used in a variety of jobs and careers, including the field of Public Relations.

Uses and benefits

AI can potentially make the jobs of Public Relations professionals much easier. This technology can be used in the form of marketing and also help to understand your target audience. 

Public Relations professionals can also use AI algorithms to tailor AD campaigns and boost interaction and engagement on platforms. 

The downside to Ai

AI is still in the beginning stages, and people still do not know that much about it or what it can be used for. One thing AI can be used for is pr pitches and press releases. 

While this tool can be easy and convenient to use in a time crunch, it can also strip away some of the human aspect if it is used regularly to connect with people. Some fear that ai has the potential to get out of control the more this technology advances. 

What’s next

The future of AI continues to remain uncertain. But one thing we do know is that AI technology will continue to evolve and change as more people start to use it. It is up to each individual to decide how they choose to incorporate it. I believe AI tools will potentially change how every field operates in the future. 

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