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The Differences Between PR Goals and Objectives

And why you need both in your campaign.

A PR team needs a clear understanding of their organization’s aims to be successful. Through research, a good PR team develops goals and objectives to help their organization achieve its mission.

A goal focuses on what you want to accomplish. It is rooted in the vision of your organization. It shouldn’t be lengthy but rather succinct and to the point. No two campaigns are alike, each will have various goals. Goals are critical for your PR team to determine so that everyone is on the same page.

How Goals Can Help a PR Campaign:

  • You can’t develop an effective plan or program without them.

  • Goals determine if you want to improve relationships, your reputation, or accomplish a certain task.

  • Goals are in line with the position statement. They help bring to life what you want people to think of your organization.

After you know your overall goals, you can delve a little deeper into objectives. Determining objectives doesn’t mean planning exact actions you will take, but rather creating a specific and measurable outcome that you want to achieve. For your objective to exist, your goal should already be drawn up. Root your objective in your goal and go into more detail. You want to link your objective to research you’ve already conducted.

How Objectives Can Help a PR Campaign:

  • Objectives create a more specific intended outcome.

  • Objectives give a time deadline.

  • They are challenging yet attainable.

  • Objectives set the stage for evaluation by making it easier for sponsors and team-members to determine if the PR program met or exceeded expectations.

  • Objectives address each kind of key public.

Goals and objectives create the basic layout of any future strategizing in a PR campaign. They can always be referred back to so that a PR team stays on track.


Strategic Planning for Public Relations by Ronald D. Smith

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