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Stop, Look, and Listen! The Crucial Impact of Social Listening

What is Social Listening?

Social listening,, is a method of analyzing the conversation surrounding one's company, brand or business. The practice is done by watching viral content, hashtags and post mentions by your relevant audience in order to influence decisions regarding your organization. With the help of the internet and social media platforms, social listening has become an invaluable way for corporations to understand the wants and needs of customers and how well they are being met. Social listening not only gives businesses information on their own brands, but it also provides intel on competitors, potential business partners, and likely beneficial trends.

How Can Companies Benefit?

Properly incorporating social listening into your business on a regular basis in short eliminates the guesswork that once existed in marketing, advertising and promotion. Social listening enlightens officials on who and what helps their business, when and where certain steps should be taken, as well as why and how the audience views the brand and its products. The practice also provides predictions that may influence the future marketing moves of a company. Using the abundance of advertising software able to compile credible marketing information, speeds the process of bettering their brand progression and can more accurately determine the best ways to do so.

Building a Social Listening Strategy?

Developing a social listening strategy is imperative to successfully participating as a social listener. Some steps to best perform in social listening include setting goals, choosing platform(s), determining audience, setting keywords and phrases, creating filters and analyzing data. These steps will help social listeners discover niche markets, prioritize workable spaces, target worthwhile ventures and eliminate wasted advertising efforts.

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