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How you can use Threads for PR?

Since Twitter, now X, is declining in popularity and the new Threads is booming with new users, why aren’t you using the new platform for all your Public Relations needs?

Threads was marketed to be “the new Twitter” with similar features and layouts but in a different climate. Threads also offers Instagram users to link their accounts and follow the same accounts they already interact with.

Threads and PR

Threads is quickly gaining popularity and is constantly growing. Threads would benefit any project, offering thousands of possibilities. In any PR profession building relationships is a large part of the job. On Threads, your account is instantly linked to your Instagram, so anyone on Threads that you already follow on Instagram can interact with you on your new account.

Once you log into Threads, you’ll notice it does look similar to X but has Instagram’s bubbly font and icons. Similar to X, posting and commenting is the best way to engage and build your following. Threads allows you to post photos, videos and up to 500 characters. You can also repost and send posts to others on Instagram.

PR specialists can use Threads to conduct surveys, seek feedback, and address community concerns promptly. The platform's similarity to Instagram can make engagement more appealing.

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