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  • Nina Barber

How to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing and Sales Benefits

Social Media has become such a crucial tool in the world of marketing. According to Buffer, it is huge for generating engagement, being a channel for customer support, increasing brand awareness, and driving website traffic while boosting sales. And what better social media platform to use than Instagram!

Instagram has been the hub for marketing for quite a bit now. Aside from creating content to post on the brand’s page, Instagram stories is a great spot to reach an audience, and it has upgraded in many ways that has helped with marketing and sales benefits. 

According to Bidisha Das, the key concepts to include in these story posts are using hashtags, adding location, and making your story shoppable. There are countless other tactics to include as well, but let’s quickly touch base on these first. 

Using hashtags and adding location will allow your stories to become a lot more discoverable. It is important, though, to only use one hashtag in order to avoid any sort of clutter that can make someone feel overwhelmed. In using location, this will help reach more people that are actually in and around your area. 

Next, making your story shoppable is such a convenient way for people to immediately take a look at what is being sold. Instagram will allow businesses to add links to their stories which will place a “Shop Now” tab at the bottom of the post. This will help people simply tap and be directly taken to the business’ website. 

Although that specific tool is only allowed for verified accounts or business accounts with over 10k followers, there are other helpful ideas to help with story posts such as being interactive, giving your audience insider news, hosting giveaways, diversifying your content type, and announcing/ showcasing new product arrivals. 

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