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How Asana Is The Future of Project and Team Management and How To Use It

Some businesses must have an organized system to collaborate with team members. Managing a team, its projects, and various tasks can challenge any business. Many platforms are available to anyone, such as Google Drive, Slack, Gmail and Dropbox.

However, Asana is another option that competes and outperforms those other apps. According to its website:

  • 81% of customers (companies) say Asana helps them communicate about work more easily

  • 68% of customers (companies) say Asana makes their team's goals clear

What is Asana?

This is Asana. Asana is a free work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, collaborate, assign, and manage projects and tasks. In other words, it follows your team's tasks and projects and shows who’s doing what and when it should be completed.

Asana simplifies the work by allowing companies to create different teams and assign them. Let me show you the management features.

Reporting and Portfolio

The reporting section allows members to gather and see real time analytics. It creates charts for each team and showcases the team projects and progress.

The portfolio is a similar section that organizes all strategic projects and campaigns into one folder. These projects will showcase the task at hand and even set deadlines. When tasks are completed, a progress bar will fill, and owners of projects can update the status to show if they are on track for a deadline.

Asana is a helpful tool for anyone and could be the future for all team management.

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