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Feeling behind compared to you PR peers? Here’s why you’re not actually behind.

As a chronic over worrier, I always felt as if I wasn’t doing enough, wasn’t in the “right” clubs, didn’t start an internship early enough, didn’t take the “right” classes. This led to me feeling like I was far behind all my peers within my PR major. But let me tell you why I realized I was actually doing fine.

First of all, everyone moves at their own pace. Yeah, everyone says that, but it’s the truth. College has no set timeline regardless of everyone saying four years is how long it takes. If you’re not starting an internship till your fourth year, then that’s totally okay and normal. Plus, that’s not even considering that internships can be hard to find, so an average student is probably working an hourly job on top of school to earn income.

Joining clubs is an important step for any college student. In PR and journalism based fields, because they rely so heavily on connections. Joining clubs is crucial for a student to get the most out of their degree. Getting involved with organizations such as Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a great way to interact with PR professionals and fellow students. Joining clubs outside of PR is great as well to diversify your experience and resume.

Next up, there is no such thing as taking the “right” classes. Take whatever interests you, after all that’s what makes us all unique. Everyone has different passions and interests so someone may say that Nonprofit PR is the best class to take whereas another may not be interested in that.

Remember, this is your college experience and that means it goes at your pace. If it takes 3 years or 6, do what feels right for you and what you’re interested in. There is no way you can get behind in your own life.

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