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  • Caprice Robertson

Brilliant Or a Bust, VR Living

Being Gen Z, the generation that grew up with the internet, we have been named the "digital natives". Flying cars and self-tying shoes are what everyone thought future technology would look like. But VR (Virtual Reality)  and smart glasses are the current technology, very different from the predictions.

Apple has recently launched their VR vision pros, but it's not what you think. Usually, when you hear VR you think of the trendy video games where people are running into walls and screaming. But Apple has taken a different approach that keeps the world social. 

Apple Vision Pros allow users to essentially live inside their phone with their headset. Apple allows you to navigate through your phone in a headset using your voice, eyes, and hands. It sounds like your phone but this is more 3D living especially when it comes to movies, sound, and work. Apple even creates a persona of you if you are using the vision pros, it looks like you and keeps up with the facial expression of the real you. 

However, Ray Ban has taken a different turn launching their Meta glasses. The Ray-Ban glasses cater to the content creators. The glasses allow you to listen to music, record videos, and live stream on Meta platforms. They also allow you to hear viewer comments as they appear, and there's a built-in AI creative assistant.  This takes multi-tasking and discreet content creation to another level.

With all of this new technology, the world can probably expect people to be more engaged, especially with the Meta glasses. The Apple Pros offer dual vision where you can still view the real world with the headset on. But, the vision pros seem too out of touch with the real world.  The Meta glasses provide a more multitasking element, unlike the Apple Vision Pros which seem like having a life-sized phone strapped to your face. 

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