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  • Jackson Norman

BeReal’s Reality Check: How Introducing Celebrities and Brands to the Platform Could Shake Up the Marketing Industry

Can you remember the days of carefully crafted social media feeds, pictures with the perfect poses, and the clever captions? With BeReal, which has been coined as the “anti-Instagram” app, the social media app known for its two-minute windows for unfiltered snapshots is switching things up with the introduction of its “RealPeople” and “RealBrands” feeds. The platform is extending an open hand to celebrities and brands to the app of authenticity, while others are questioning why. 

Deserting the Mission?

At the core of BeReal, its mission has always been to “To create an authentic world that keeps you connected with the people you really care about”. To promote the serendipitous rawness that comes with the limited two-minute window of posting and present an authentic social media platform. Creating a social media environment of unplanned moments, which directly opposes some of the social media platforms we might be used to. 

Now, you can potentially see your favorite celebrity living in those moments as they share their real morning routine or their lunch order or even their strut on the red carpet at a premiere or event. As well, brands have the opportunity to present products or services in a real way as opposed to the usual curated ad campaign. 

Marketing with a Dash of Authenticity: 

Consumers are consistently looking for genuineness, especially when it comes to their favorite influencers or brands. It develops trust and a sense of reliability. This feeling is the motivation BeReal is using with this new feed style without compromising its core mission and values.

In an interview with Wired, chief operating officer Romain Salzman ensures that users will get the best out of this new feature, “You're going to discover what the biggest celebrities are doing behind the scenes at the exact same time as you”.

 Imagine getting a glimpse into the song-writing process of your favorite musical artist or seeing the production line of a new product coming out from your favorite brand. These glimpses into the behind the scenes of popular industries is what could foster connections of trust between brands and celebrities to consumers and audiences.  

No Time Like the Present: 

With this new marketing feed, companies and celebrities might wrestle with the spontaneity of the platform as they won’t have time to set lights or the camera, it's straight to the action. Furthermore, the limited time window of the platform to post said content only lives for about 24 hours, even less on some days. These unique features might trouble some celebrities and brands who want to make sure everything looks good for the camera and audiences. 

Setting Up the Future:

Even though the app has gained such a massive following, the app has struggled to make money, similarly to Facebook when it first came into existence until it also introduced advertised posts. While it’s too soon to declare this marketing tactic by BeReal a game changer, it does present future social media platforms, celebrities, and brands with an opportunity to lean into that desire for genuineness that consumers look for. Whether BeReal will produce good fruit from this only time will tell, but it’s setting a new standard nonetheless. 

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