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Are You Using Twitter to Maximize Follower Engagement?

A lot of companies use Twitter to show off their products, however, are you using all the features to fully interact with your audience?

Follow some of these easy tricks and tips and increase your engagement!

Twitter Spaces.

You can use Twitter Spaces to have live back and forth conversation with your followers. Audio casting is very popular, and you can host some Q and A’s and engage with your listeners. Twitter Spaces is capable of broadening your company's reach, brand awareness, while interacting with your followers they will leave trusting your brand more than ever!

Tweet Back.

Encourage your followers to Tweet you with reactions or just questions and respond back. Find your voice and use it to help boost your brand. Some brands use comedy and snarky comebacks that have now made their brand known for their post. For example brands like Wendy’s, Denny’s and Netflix have all been known to be very comedic and snarky while replying on twitter. Now this may not work for everyone but if your company and brand both fit well within that environment then definitely give it a try!

Use the right hashtags. With the correct hashtag under one of your posts you can increase the amount of people that see your post. People that don’t follow you but follow that hashtag, will see your post. For example, #thursdaythoughts Ask questions. Twitter has multiple poll options when posting. Using these will allow viewers to not just feel like their opinion matters but creates a connection between consumer and brand. Don’t forget to post pictures and videos. Yes, Twitter is mostly known for its small word-count and short-word replies but posting media is always a great way to engage your followers.

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