Target’s New Look

November 4, 2018


For the past year, Target stores across the nation have been moving swiftly to remodel their stores, using their next generation store design. This nationwide revamp of the company stores will enhance customer shopping experiences.


The project has really gained speed in 2018. Remodeling has nearly tripled across country, and more than 1000 stores will have a new look by 2020. The new looks will make shopping significantly easier for Target customers.


Each store will be remodeled to fit with the community surroundings and guests needs. Since neighborhoods don’t all look the same, the new stores will each be unique in their own way. Changes will include: building structures, interior designs, lighting, products and significant technological upgrades. Target will also continue to operate in a eco-friendly fashion. More than 80% of their stores will have solar panels and energy efficient lighting.


Target is changing their brand image, and challenging e-commerce with their new look. The focus has shifted from a nationwide branding  to a more community oriented branding. Using this strategy will give loyal customers a sense of comfort and appreciation for shopping at their local Target store.


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