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  • Jeremy Jackson

Why You Should Hire a PR Agent for Your Next Release

There’s a saying in the music industry and that is music is 10% music and 90% public relations. This is true. Many musicians dream of fame and success but only a few ever reach that pinnacle because they don’t have a plan or a brand. You can have the best song in the world but if no one hears it, then is it the best song? No, it’s not. So today we're going to discuss how you can use public relations to build your brand and promote your music.

Okay, first what is public relations? PR is used to bridge the gap between an audience and a corporation or in this case an artist. You have to build a brand and an image that’s recognizable and also accepted by the general public. Say we have Tom and Tom is an everyday Joe but Tom wants to stand out because Tom wants to be an artist. The first thing we’ll do for Tom is making sure his music is up to part. Secondly, his image. This can work two ways. Tom could be the everyday guy people relate to and we could center his image around that or we can give Tom that star glow.

Earlier I said we have two options but within those two options lay a well of possibilities but in that well, we’ve got to find what works best for Tom. That’s where the music comes in. If Tom is super hype and over the top with his delivery then it’s best to have a flashy image, but if Tom is conscious and down to Earth then Tom should have a more relatable image. Keep in mind these are only examples to give you an introspective view into the world of PR and music.

Moving on, when working with a PR Agency remember, you are the boss. You’re paying them. So it’s best to pick an agency that works with you and not only for you. They have to see your vision, your vibe, and your plans. If they’re not on the same page as you then you should send them packing. This is your music, money, and time that’s at hand. Make sure that they fit your vision.

Also, a good PR firm will help you plan your release in advance. Planning is the key to success. How many of you just release a song to Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and any other media outlet expecting it to explode as the next big thing? I know I have. As I stated earlier you need a plan to go along with your brand. When asked about the best album you ever heard what comes to mind? Whatever album you mention, their PR agency made sure the hype train was there through advertising and promoting through music blogs to build a buzz. They put that artist in front of an audience to cultivate an image so people would be interested. This may take months so patience is a virtue that is needed when working with a PR agency. A national campaign could take up to 4-5 months before the release is out.

PR agencies are also used to build an artist press kit or EPK (Electronic Press Kit). A press kit contains four major components.

  • The first one is your bio. Your bio usually gives media outlets as well as your audience an idea of who you are. It contains your birthplace, your influences, a short story of how you got into music, notable achievements, and your future plans pertaining to the music industry.

  • Next is the photo. Your photo should be a professional headshot. It should be able to grab the viewers’ attention and vividly give the world an idea of who you are. Try to stand out from the crowd by showing the real you. That’s always a plus.

  • Moving on to stories that have featured you or something as simple as comments from your fans. What most PR Agencies would do is look at your local papers and pitch your story to those journalists and media outlets.

  • Lastly, the most important thing is your music. Your music should be professionally mixed and mastered before you begin thinking about hiring a PR agency. They’ll usually provide links to your music along with high-quality cover art

Lastly, understand that a PR agency is used to help you plan and promote. They are not responsible for your sales or streams. If you’re looking for a magic boost this is not it but they will help you build the foundation for your brand as an artist as well as help you plan for future events. Do you have a song coming out soon and did this help you? Let us know below.

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