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Why are we So Obsessed with Buzzfeed Quizzes?

Have you ever stayed up during all hours of the night on the Buzzfeed website trying to figure out what Disney Princess you are?

Or maybe you’ve stayed up to see if you can guess the names of popular 90’s hits?

If so, then I have some news for you. You may be OBSESSED with Buzzfeed quizzes. Why, though? What makes these quizzes so addicting and popular?

There is a plethora of Buzzfeed quizzes for all different types of people and personality types. Each quiz tells you a little something about who you are as an individual. Even if the information seems unimportant, it is still exciting to learn more about pop culture, books, relationships, movies and more importantly, yourself.

While learning about yourself can be fun, it is also fun to connect with people who have similar interests as you. Sharing the results of your quiz or even taking them alongside someone can strike up some thrilling conversations. It can even help you form new relationships. The topics of the quizzes may seem bizarre to share with people at first, but they can truly open up a door of shared interests with someone.

These quizzes also help people relax and unwind after a long day. As adults, we often become so busy with life and responsibilities, that we forget to take time for ourselves. We often forget to indulge in the simple pleasures in life. We need to take the time to do more things that make us happy. These quizzes can often do that.

So, THAT’S why we are so obsessed with Buzzfeed quizzes. They’re fun, nostalgic, relaxing and help bring us closer to people who might have similar interests as us.

If you ever find yourself with a little free time, check out some of these quizzes!

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