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What are blogs and why are they Important?

What are Blogs?

Blogs are webpages with a series of short article-like posts that a brand, or individual, may display in order to inform their audience on specific topics. For example, the Meeman 901 Strategy blog page (here) contains blogs pertaining to communications, Public Relations, and the University of Memphis, to name a few.

Why are Blogs Important?

Blogs are a convenient way for companies to enhance their SEO (search engine optimization) as well as build an enhance their online reputation and communities.

Giving audiences insight into various topics allows companies to form interpersonal relationships with them. This allows audiences to grow close to brands, enjoining ideas and forming new bonds, which leads these audiences to feel senses of loyalty, family, and togetherness. This is a big step towards forming online communities.

Online communities further advance the “loyalty” and “family” feelings that brand audiences crave. This allows members to interact with each other, engage with blog posts, and encourages word-of-mouth advertising from loyal customers. This allows companies to engage with potential new customers, further growing the online community. It is also a cheap and effective way to in-house advertise products.

Most importantly, it improves a company’s search engine optimization. Online visibility is an incredibly important component of a company’s relevance in today’s climate. Blogs build online traffic because websites are being continually updated with new blogs, information, and hashtags, which are (usually) simultaneously disseminated on social media platforms.

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