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  • Maren Guzzo

Twitter Going Crazy Over New IOS Update 

Apple introduced a major new update recently for the iPhone. The 2020 update is called iOS 14. This update comes with many new features including App Clip, App Library, an update to messages, and a new translate app. The most popular update that social media, like Twitter, has gone crazy over is the Widgets feature. The Widgets feature allows you to adjust your home screen page to different sizes, fonts, and pictures

Twitter went crazy over the new iPhone update and the new Widgets feature. Many iPhone users have been changing their home screens to different themes.

This user changed their whole home screen to Britney Spears #freebritney

Are there any Taylor Swift fans out there? Well, you can make your home screen dedicated to her.

You don’t have to dedicate your home screen to a celebrity, you can dedicate it to a city or a season like these Twitter users.

This update is not just for girls. Guys if you don’t want a regular home screen but also don’t want to make it celebrity themed or holiday-themed, you can make it Marvel themed.

And for all the old schooled iPhone users, you can change your home screen to look like the old iPhone iOS updates.

The new iOS 14 update has driven everyone to share their new and creative home screens to Twitter.

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