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  • Tim Vissia

Tom The Tiger Passes Away

About TOM

TOM III, the official mascot of the University of Memphis, died a few weeks ago. He was almost 12 years old. TOM III was at 73 football games and had an overall record at 73 wins and 73 losses.

Controversy about new TOM

Above is the University of Memphis’s president addressing the public about TOM III’s death and the search for TOM IV.

A good amount of Memphis residents and fans took to social media. They all had different opinions on how the University will handle a live mascot from now on. Some thought it was a good idea just to keep the Bengal tiger at the zoo, while others thought that it was bad to have a live mascot in general. Some fans were disappointed about not having the mascot at the games in person.

What’s the right move?

As of right now, there have not been any changes to what the university’s president said about the new mascot. But be on the lookout shortly for any changes because it seems as though a majority of people might not be happy with the new plan for TOM IV.

How do you think the university should handle a live mascot?

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