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TikTok Announces a New Tab for Shopify

If you or someone you know has a small business they want to promote on the popular app, TikTok, then you will want to listen up!

TikTok, a popular video sharing platform, has decided to work alongside the shopping app Shopify to provide more ways for merchants to promote their products to the app's audience.

They are going to add a new “Shopify tab” which will overall make it easier for new products to display in the app.

Shopify explains:

So it will not be direct in-stream shopping, since the users will just be referred back to the merchant’s Shopify store to purchase their products. It will be very similar to Instagram’s new in-app Shop options, which also is integrated with Shopify.

Overall, this is a huge win for Shopify merchants! They now have another way to promote their products on a different type of social media platform. Also, it's a win for TikTok because it maximizes profit by providing more opportunities for users to monetize their content.

The more that users can attribute TikTok video views to actual purchases made, the better. While this new addition won’t facilitate direct purchases in the app, it will better connect in-app activity to purchase behavior.

You can expect TikTok to keep adding similar integrations and tools to facilitate direct selling, while also expanding the same influencer partnerships in order to help the big names of the platform make more money from their clips.

I encourage anyone who has a small business to look into this new and exciting feature on such a huge platform!

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