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The next Social Media app you’ll want but can’t have yet: Clubhouse

The world is always waiting for the next big thing to take off, one of those things may be the world of social media. The rising app “Clubhouse” may be the next best thing most people will not be able to join. yet.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse brings a new style of interaction to the social media world by allowing groups of people to communicate only through recorded voice messages. It saves the time of typing and staring at a screen by recording a message to share with a group of friends, coworkers or team. It also eliminates the obstacle of misinterpretation with simple texts. It is currently an invite-only media platform and if you cannot receive an invite, you are not going to get past the login screen.

The marketing techniques of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is currently not an app anyone can just join. It is required to have an invitation from a current user to join. The exclusivity technique pushes new users to want it more than they already did. Not just anyone gets in which makes getting accepted feel special. This is comparable to a career, college or a restaurant. There is also a strong sense of ‘FOMO’, fear of missing out. If people want to be included in something they believe everyone is doing they will want the same.

Clubhouse boasts that the 1% and several celebrities are using it. The sheer possibility of hearing your favorite celebrity host a voice chat would excite many users. It is likely the main reason for the quick rise in popularity of the app.

The future of Clubhouse

Clubhouse may change their plan of exclusivity if they want to, but they are not ready to let thousands of people join. The app was started by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth in 2020 and the attention of Clubhouse is likely exceeding their preparation. According to CNBC, it was valued at around $100 million while having only 1500 users at one time. When in the App Store a simple message reads, “We’re working hard to add people to Clubhouse as fast as we can, but right now you need an invite to sign up.” The developers would likely not want their project to suffer due to poor preparation. It also states in the app’s welcome message that “we are adding the finishing touches” and they want to make sure ‘nothing breaks.”

Only time will tell if Clubhouse is going to compete with other social media giants. The big difference if how people are going to enjoy the app once the wait is over for them.

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