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The Best Apps for Marketing/Advertising

Are you always on the go but still want to work on branding your business?

It is entirely possible to brand and run your business on your phone. You can share, connect, and engage with your audience when in line for coffee by using these marketing apps.

Social Media Management Apps

  1. Hootsuite:

Connect your social medias (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube) to this app and schedule posts. The free plan allows 3 social media accounts, and you can schedule up to 30 posts at a time. The $25 a month plan allows you to add team members and schedule more posts.

  1. Buffer:

A scheduling app that allows multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. There is a free subscription and four other paid plans you can choose based on your business size.


This is a popular project management app for content calendars that allows teams to add, edit, rearrange, and track task while on the go. There is a free subscription available and Pro subscriptions available for up to $20 a month.

Content Creation Apps

  1. Canva:

Creating professional images for your business is what this app is best for. You can use templates and drag images to customize your content. You can share from the app with a click of a button. For basic image editing, Canva is free but if you want more features you pay $10 a month.

  1. Over:

Over is a great app for graphic templates, filters, and fonts. This app will help you create sharable visual content that will engage your audience. A basic plan is free, while the Pro plan is $15 a month.

  1. Crello:

You can dive in and start designing social media content with over 10,000 templates and 30 formats. This app is easy to use and you don’t need any design experience, just use the tutorials if you get stuck. There is a free subscription, or a subscription that offers more templates for $8 a month.

Social Media Audience Engagement Apps

  1. Mention:

This app is for “social listening” and helps you track what people are saying about your brand. You can choose keywords you want to track and will be notified each time your keywords are mentioned anywhere online. A Mention subscription plan starts at $30 a month.

  1. CYFE:

CYFE offers social media, analytics, marketing and sales support. It is great for social listening and customizing what data you monitor. The pricing ranges from free to $89 a month.

  1. REP:

Working with influencers is a great way to extend your audience. REP allows you to connect and collaborate with influencers and other brands. You can share your content with influencers, and they can apply to promote your brand.

General Management Apps

  1. Google Analytics:

This app is perfect for checking on your marketing campaigns. You can track website traffic for your brand. You can create a free account or upgrade to a paid plan.

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