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  • Cameron King

The Attention Span Crisis

There has been a recent trend of short form content spreading across all social media platforms, such as Instagram, Youtube, and especially Tiktok. Short form videos, also called reels, are videos that are 15 to 30 seconds of content before the viewer swipes up to the next video which is taking a detrimental turn on the advertising industry as a whole.

The daily intake of social media for an average user is about 2 hours, that's at least 7200 seconds of short form content a day on an app like Tiktok. Intaking so many brief clips consecutively in such a matter can not only affect one's productivity levels, it also shortens that individuals attention span whether they realize it or not. 

If someone is only  used to viewing short form content, your brain can no longer hold the attention span needed for longer than about 30 seconds. Matthew Pattrick at the youtube channel game theory went more in depth on this topic as a whole.

With this in mind, over the years there of course has been the need to shorten all content in order to fit the average watch time. The new average view duration challenges not only content creators, but also industries that wish to get an ad promoted must have an ad within the 10 to 15 second time frame. 

If the ad is too long the viewer will swipe past it, regardless if they could have actually benefited from the product being advertised. The Medium also did their take on this topic as well.

Not only do short ads suffer from this but ads on long form videos like those on Youtube do not stand a chance because the user will just skip it as soon as possible or simply ignore it until the ad is finished. Companies who put hard work into making ads show up on social media to try and cater to the audience suffer a huge loss due to the fact that short form content is now the popular thing in this generation. 

However with this new era of content there still are very workable solutions around everything and still more than enough room to be creative, It all relies on a matter of how one would approach it.   

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