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Taco Bell Enters the Chicken Sandwich War

Recently, there has been a rise in competing chicken sandwiches from fast food restaurants. Taco Bell is the most recent competitor to throw their hat into the ring with the new chicken sandwich taco.

Taco Bell is in the midst of an international expansion and the company was hoping to gain more fan base. Taco Bell is an iconic restaurant that is well known for items like the Doritos taco and Mexican pizza. To add anything new is a challenge for the company.

With all restaurants fighting to stay in business, fast food restaurants are no different. Taco Bell CEO Julie Felss Masino states, “[Last year] was a difficult year for a lot of our markets.” With this new campaign the company hopes to gain more customers.

The main focus of the campaign is to have fans decide if the product is a sandwich or a taco. The debate created internet buzz about the campaign. Taco Bell has been taking a more creative direction with their marketing within the past few years.

It all began with the distinguished Doritos taco and they have had a variety of different limited-edition items over the years. The chicken taco was introduced in the midst of a fast food chicken sandwich war between Chick-fil-la and restaurants that don’t normally sell them.

The campaign has been a success much like the nacho fries and the cheesy crunchy taco. The question is, are the customers that buy the new products regular customers or new ones?

The new chicken sandwiches from Taco Bell are sure to be a hit along with the rest of their successful campaign products.

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