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Podcasting: Make these decisions before you press record

So you want to start a podcast? Here are 5 things to consider before you jump in.

  1. Decide upon a topic.

Are you going to talk about a certain sport? Politics? Recount crime cases? No matter what you decide upon, make sure you can produce many episodes relating to it.

2. Choose a name/title.

Popular podcasts use various approaches when it comes to naming. Some choose a clever or funny name, others a descriptive name and some podcasters simply use their own name. Keep in mind that your name should be broader than your topic and relate to your topic in some way.

3. Determine the style and format.

There are many styles of podcasting, some of the most popular are solo monologues, guest interviews, and co-host discussions. Be realistic when determining which style works best for you and consider who your potential guests and co-hosts could be.

4. Decide how long your episodes will be.

The length of your podcast should be guided by your content. Don’t cut out quality content to keep an episode under 20 minutes and don’t release bad content just to hit the 1-hour mark.

5. Figure out your posting schedule.

Decide upon a posting schedule that you can stick to on a regular basis. Consistency is key here. The best schedule is the most frequent one that you can stick to.

After making these decisions, you should find it easier to begin working on your first episode for your podcast. Remember that consistency is important and your episodes should follow a similar structure.

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