• Baldwin Edwards

New Twitter Trend Encourages Self-Love in DnD Community

With everyone still stuck indoors and schedules thrown array, some people may think they have let themselves go with stress eating or apathy towards their normal workout routine. It is important to remain positive, especially in times of hardship, which enters a wholesome Twitter trend: #ThirstTrapRPG and #CharismaCheck. Encouraging the acceptance of one’s self in the Dungeons and Dragons and gaming communities, these hashtags have Twitter users showing themselves at their best.

Big names in the community such as Laura Bailey and Talisen Jaffe from Critical Role, a hit Dungeons and Dragons show, have given the tags much traction and have attracted nerds from all over to celebrate themselves and others.

@CriticalBard put it nicely in that “Both are based in body positivity, self care, & most importantly — self love.” Browse yourselves and tell us what you think!


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