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New CMM production class unveiled for fall

As the spring semester ends, some students are saying farewell to the UofM. Others are planning their next set of classes for the fall semester. Of all the classes to choose from in the fall semester, one more class has been added to the masses. A new class has been announced for creative mass media students and it will be taught by Professor Michael Robinson.

Returning CMM students may want to consider taking the new CRMM 4600 Creative Social Media class. Any student wanting to take an upper-division production elective should look no further. According to Professor Robinson, this class is meant to teach students how to conceptualize, develop and launch creative video content on a social media platform, specifically YouTube. This lab class will require students have already completed JOUR 3526 Multimedia storytelling.

Professor Robinson will be teaching the new CRMM 4600 course. He could be the only instructor of the new course depending on how many students sign up for the new class.

What makes this class different?

This course is aimed towards creative mass media students, but it available to students in journalism and public relations.

Professor Robinson stated this class will build on previous skills and show students how to create content in a creative brand, rather than a news-oriented fashion.

“It coalesces the concepts from a few existing courses, ups the ante and adds in a totally new element,” Robinson said. “We know video content dominates social platforms, and strategic media students should know their way around this!”

Being a new course will offer new directions for students honing their creative talent. Professor Robinson said this class will cover branding and design, audio production, lighting techniques, video editing, simple motion graphics and other things that go into video content. Robinson said he is thrilled to see this class become official.

“Great creative video content looks effortless, but there's a lot that goes into it,” Robinson said. “I'm stoked some of our students are adding these skills to their toolset!”

Why consider this class?

Robinson stated he is excited to teach this upcoming class and students can thrive if they ‘bring their ideas’.

“In my class, students have the freedom to propose a concept or topic that means something to them,” Robinson said.

If a student needs a little bit more convincing, Robinson said he would ask if they're interested in knowing what goes into to making content people want to spend time with.

“I'd ask them if they ever find themselves pausing on video content while scrolling through the web,” Robinson said. “Has a thumbnail ever jumped out at them? Have they lost hours watching review or commentary videos on YouTube? What about tutorials or explainer videos?”

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