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  • Summer Spencer

Local Memphis Blogs You Should Be Following

Memphis, Tennessee, the place I love to call my hometown,  is filled with a rich, vibrant culture that is reflected through its proud residents - Memphians. There’s a unique sense of pride that comes with being a native of this diverse city. The local bloggers mentioned here certainly know what it means to be a true Memphian and want to help share their experiences and love for this city. 

Choose 901

(Photo Credit: Choose 901)

Choose 901 is not just a blog - it’s turned into a lifestyle for Memphians. The hashtag can be seen all over every social media platform and is used as a way to connect people from all areas of the city. The blog is a catalyst for spreading positivity throughout the community while also providing tons of information on events, food, music, jobs, and much more. Their tagline, “Now is the time. Memphis is the place”, perfectly reflects their mission to make Memphis home for everybody. 

Memphis Flyer - Hungry Memphis 

(Photo Credit: Memphis Flyer)

The Memphis Flyer has been an important part of Memphis journalism for several years. It’s no surprise their blog, Hungry Memphis, delivers the most up to date information on local eats, new restaurant openings, and events involving food - which are extremely common and cherished by Memphians. One cool thing about their blog is you can search for things to do by events, food, music, and even neighborhoods. 

I Love Memphis 

(Photo Credit: I Love Memphis)

I’ve been a dedicated reader of native Holly Whitfield’s Blog I Love Memphis for a few years now. Her “Five Things To Do in Memphis” has always been my favorite and has influenced most of my plans for several weekends. She provides all of the best insider tips to the city in one place. The blog aims to share the most local perspective possible by being a resource for happenings in Memphis involving food, music, culture, sports, and any other aspect that makes Memphis, Memphis. 

Make sure to check out all the blogs I’ve mentioned and also follow their social accounts for more updates! Tell us your favorite local blog in the comments below!

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