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How to Overcome Senioritis as an Online Student in 3 Steps

While some people joke around about senioritis and don’t take it quite seriously, there are several published pieces on its realness and how to spot it.

Being an online student and not being in the typical school environment only adds to the stereotypical loss of motivation seniors tend to experience. So how do we combat this?

After doing some research, I have accumulated a few solid steps to take in effort to fight that senioritis.

1. Remember Your End Goal

You want to graduate right? You are SO close, but how would it feel to end up missing the mark? Remember that just because the end goal is in sight, does not mean that you can put forth less effort and still make it all the time. Make yourself little reminders of what that goal really means to you and place them around things you use daily like the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator. Also remind yourself that you ARE close to the end and all it takes is that push at the end and it’ll be done sooner than you know it.

2. Make a Daily Checklist

While most of us have planners, that mostly help with seeing the big picture, they can sometimes be overwhelming or even underwhelming. A great way to set a fire under you each day to get it done is to write out what you need to get accomplished each day and check items off as you go. It’s an easy hack to get you through “days” instead of “months” to aid in motivation.

3. Stay Healthy

Whether this is maintaining your current self-love routine, diet or exercise regimen, or implementing something new that you think will benefit you mentally, just do it. I am a huge advocate for the link between a healthier lifestyle and better mental health. It is not an end all be all though, and a great component that I find helps me in the mix is practicing self-love in the form of treating myself to things that put me in a better mental space like shopping or getting my nails done, etc.

On top of all these things, and one of the most important in my opinion, is to do what makes you happy in the free time that you get so that you don’t start to experience burn out. Coming from a fellow senior, I want to see you succeed as much I want to succeed and I know we can do it!

Leave your best tip for pushing through senioritis below!

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