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How to Navigate a Music Festival in the Midst of A Pandemic

Many people often wonder about the specifics of how to navigate music festivals in general. But, the flip side to that, is how to navigate a music festival in the midst of a global pandemic.

For years, music festivals have been the best place to hear new music and meet people from all over the country. However, the pandemic experience has changed drastically, as with a lot of our daily activities. Bonnaroo and other music festivals is a place where people from all over the country come to enjoy food, music, boutique vendors, and share similar experiences. But, since Covid has become something to be cautious about, some fans have had to think twice about how to navigate their choice of festival.

But hope isn't lost with this equation. Many promoters have found a way to make participants and stockholders happy and still keep everyone safe. Promoters have made it mandatory to either be vaccinated or provide proof of a negative status prior to the event. Also, this method allows promoters to gather people safely. These mandates apply to anyone attending or working the festival.

The responsibility of mandates falls on the shoulders of the organizers. Festival-goers should still be cautious. By this, I mean- wear your masks. Or not. It is an individual choice. Other essential items to fight against the pandemic at a music festival include, first aid kits, fanny paks, water backpacks, wipes, earplugs, folding chairs, rain gear, and of course, you can't forget your portable phone chargers.

So, regardless of what music festival you choose to frequent, Bonnaroo being my favorite, I ask the question- how do you Roo?

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