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How to: Improve your social media engagement in 5 easy steps.

1. Post content that promotes engagement.

This step may seem a bit obvious, however many times social media users post posts that are difficult for followers to engage with. Polls, relatable videos, comical graphics, and photos that encourage users to tag their friends are ways to motivate people to engage with your social media content. Content that is positive, relatable, or stimulates an emotional response will increase the comments, likes, and shares on your posts.

2. Respond.

Social media is a tool to be social. When your followers engage with your content or send you a direct message, it is important to interact with them and create an intimate bond. This bond will encourage your followers to share your profile or content with their followers, which will in turn increase the followers of your account.

3. Hold contests or giveaways.

Contests and giveaways are an easy way to get your followers involved with your personal brand. Asking your followers to perform a certain action, like tagging their friends or resharing a post creates engagement with an incentive. Incentivizing engagement with a prize will promote your personal brand and advance the reach of your content.

4. Use images in every post.

Utilizing captivating imagery on your social media will catch users’ attention and make the overall vibe of your profile feel well thought out. The images can have text associated with them that promotes engagement, however the image should be the focal point of the post. Images that are unique or creative will inspire followers to share and repost your content with their followers.

5. Know your audience.

Being aware of who you’re posting to is extremely important. If the majority of your followers are women, posting content that is relevant to women is key. If the majority of your followers are younger, staying up to date on current trends is key. Getting to know your audience will improve engagement because they are able to relate to the things you are posting, rather than feeling out of the loop.

What kind of content do engage with most on your feed? Leave a comment below!

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