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  • Garrett Blaney

How to Find your Niche in Mass Communication

Mass communication is a broad landscape

One of the best parts about being a mass communicator is that everyone communicates. Every animal, person, and especially, every business. The scope of communication in our world is never-ending. That is why finding your niche and choosing a career path in communications can be a daunting task, at least initially.

Choose an industry that interests you

Every industry from a grocery store to your local sheriff’s office has need for effective communicators. This allows for a wide array of communications “genres” if you will, some of the most prominent being sports, music, and entertainment. That is why jobs like Social Media Manager are growing so rapidly and are, according to CNN Money, one of the top 50 Best Jobs in America. Most companies have a social media presence in order to disseminate important information online quickly.

Social media Jobs are the tip of the iceberg

Do not think, however, that social media is the only route for a mass communicator to follow. Public Relations itself consists of several different categories that overlap occasionally yet are each very distinct forms of the vocation. For example, there are Crisis Communicators, Public Affairs (Lobbyists), and Employee Relations specialists to name a few.

There are a lot of possibilities!

I mentioned previously that carving your own path in the communications world can be daunting because of the possibilities, however it actually can help you find a job tailored specifically to you! It can become an almost customizable experience, being able to choose an industry that you have a specific passion for such as construction, video games or even medicine, and then choosing a specific category of communication.

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