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How is Sports Betting Impacting the Media?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling to legalize sports betting, this pastime is at an all time high. Many people have been pulled in by the high risk and reward that gambling offers, and have made a significant impact on the sports broadcasting world.

From betting on the Olympics to the Bachelorette, there is a category for almost any interest. Now, with the National Football League kicking off and fantasy football starting, the sports media will be receiving an even bigger pull of viewership.

After the popularity of sports betting increased, influencers have begun creating podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to analyzing their parlays for the week. You cannot turn on the television without seeing a Sportsbook advertisement or hearing one on the radio.

This impact has pushed journalists to step outside of their comfort zone, as the betting world is now a driving force in the media. Before, you could rely on “SportsCenter” or other noteworthy commentator shows to tell you their win or lose picks for the upcoming games. Now, sports reporters will not voice their opinions without being sponsored by a big Sportsbook brand.

In addition, this has had a correlated effect on the increase of subscription based television and cable. People are now paying for sports network channels more than before, and are doing what is necessary to see how their bets unfold.

Which begs the question, is this just a temporary trend or a permanent adjustment to sports media?

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