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Hive: New Social Media Platform Explodes Overnight

The Hive app was initially developed in 2019 by Kassandra Pop, the app’s 22-year-old CEO. The app did not receive much attention until last Tuesday, February 2nd, following a TikTok promotion by Imani Lewis, where the app swiftly became number one in the app store. Now sitting at number 4, the app can be deemed as an overnight sensation. The Hive app is geared towards gen z and is most similar to Instagram in layout but is ultimately a culmination of features we love from many other social networks. It has the option to post photos or videos like Instagram, add status updates like Facebook, repost capabilities like Twitter, a chronological feed like the old days of Instagram and even a personalized music selection option on your profile like Myspace. Kassandra says she designed the app to be more organic and less suggestive like the algorithms used today on social platforms; that way micro-influencers and small business owners can get more circulation and the attention they deserve. Pop also claims that the app will not include the pesky ads that appear between post and stories like on Instagram. Overall, the app seems to be a more authentic space where creators can grow according to talent and skill versus virality.

Will this app be the new influencer hot spot? Let us know your thoughts below!

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