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Has Social Media Replaced Traditional News Outlets for Millennials

Long gone are the days where we turn to the local newspaper, online news outlet or the local news station to acquire our daily dose of information and current events. Nowadays, it is more convenient to grab your phone. People gather more news from social media than anywhere else.

Millennials consume news and information differently than the generations before us. Attention spans have shortened, as well as their desire to get the news from the actual news source.

A 2019 study was conducted to gather information as to where millennials gather their news. Their findings were not surprising. Only three percent of young adults surveyed gathered their news from print newspapers and sixteen percent from local news stations. But is it accurate? Many people fear that millennials are getting inaccurate information from unreliable and unsupported sources via the internet and social media sites.

Social media has evolved and is replacing traditional news outlets.. Social media has become a part of our daily schedule. . But when it comes to news, more times than not, it is shared from people they know. Millennials have chosen to gather news from social media sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, these sites have become infamous for potentially spreading what is now known in the media world as fake news.

Whether it's fake news or not, more times than not, their news crew will more than likely consist of a retweet or a shared post from what could be a potentially unreliable source. We live in a society of “I want it here and I want it now”.

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