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Gorilla Glue might not be good for your hair, but a viral video is always great for sales.

Ladies, have you ever run out of hair spray and decided to use a heavy-duty super glue instead? Tessica Brown has and her experience is quite interesting.

Brown posted a video on Tik Tok in February detailing how she had run out of hairspray and decided that a Gorilla Glue adhesive spray was the next best thing. Brown showed the immobility of her hair after using the glue in the now viral video, claiming it “hadn’t moved in weeks.” The video blew up, eventually reaching major news outlets, like TMZ, and social media users became obsessed with her journey to see what would happen next. Eventually, Brown was forced to go to the emergency room and ultimately had a $12,000 procedure performed for free by a Los Angeles based plastic surgeon to get the super glue removed from her hair.

Even though Brown’s unfortunate Gorilla Glue experience was a negative one for her and her hair, Gorilla Glue’s sales skyrocketed. According to Ad Age, Gorilla Glue’s search volume on Amazon soared by 4,378 percent, while its best seller rank increased 129 percent. In addition, Google searches also jumped 50 times in the month of February, compared to January.

“Brown’s bad news was their good news,” Robert Passikoff, founder and president of consultancy Brand Keys, told Ad Age.

“Nobody died. It’s one of those things where from a brand perspective, almost everyone is saying, from a rational perspective, you probably ought to watch what you’re putting on your head,” he added.

Following the viral video and its aftermath, Gorilla Glue has been fairly silent amongst all the talk. While the company has restated that its products are not safe for hair, skin, or ingestion, they have chosen not to comment any further. Gorilla Glue’s decision to lay low is probably for the best. Many brands tend to jump on publicity of this caliber and capitalize off of any opportunity to promote the brand, regardless of how it affects others.

Do you think Gorilla Glue handled this incident the right way by staying quiet? Comment Below!

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