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Fashion Journalism Just a Tap Away

Before social media, you learned the dos and don’ts of the latest fashion seasons through magazines. Now in the digital age, you can gain all this information in an instant. Fashion journalism and social media are intertwined with one another with many magazine publishers like Vogue, Harpers BAZAAR, W and Elle placing more focus on web-based magazines as their social media channels. Many fashion magazines and journalists have used this change to their advantage by having the ability to reach their target audience in an instant and receiving feedback from them.

Social media brings more diversity to fashion journalism allowing anyone to start their career making it more accessible than ever before. Social media encourages consumers to interact with many different aspects of the fashion industry in a positive manner.

Susanna Lau and Odunayo Ojo

Fashion journalist/ blogger Susanna Lau started her career as a fashion blogger with her own website called Style Bubble in 2006 which caught the attention of Dazed magazine now she is currently a freelance fashion journalist and uses her social media platforms like Instagram to promote her message. Odunayo Ojo, an up-and-coming fashion journalist, has already been recognized by Vouge for his unique transformation of fashion journalism by posting videos on his Youtube channel. Unlike well-known fashion journalists such as Anna Wintour, Suzy Menkes and Robin Givhan Lau and Ojo started their careers as influencers.

Social media is the future of fashion journalism. With social media, audiences are allowed to participate in the newest trends which creates a space to be vocal about everything that occurs in the fashion world. However, this aspect of social media can create a blur between the story and being a part of the story. Fashion journalism is a unique aspect of journalism and as social media continues to grow it does too.

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