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Does Public Relations Belong in A Church?

When asked if public relations belongs in a church, the answer is yes. Of course, it does. Most churches and cathedrals use public relations to market their missionary values, religious beliefs, and efforts to help their communities. They share similar marketing strategies with major corporations and non-profit organizations, such as campaigns, charitable events, sermons (public speaking), and promoting healthy images.

Image is the biggest aspect for marketing. It helps reach a target audience. Certain churches try to maintain a less worldly image to not receive insults or backlash from their members or the media, but sometimes that is hard to do when a church has an enormous size of members or has a celebrity as a member.

What happens when trouble emerges?

Like businesses and corporations, most churches use social media to address certain issues that need correction, such as stressing their values, or to issue a written apology.

Who are the public relations specialists and what are they called?

Most churches label their public relations specialists as directors or coordinators. Most members of the church volunteer or are elected by popular votes to serve as a media director or media coordinator. However, larger congregations (mega churches) have more funding to hire a public relations firm.

Mission and Community

Most churches promote servitude to bring members of their community together to worship, feed the homeless, support broken families, and help dispense funding where needed. The marketing team is smaller than most businesses and corporations and more direct.

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