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  • Prince Williams

Beyoncé's Unbreakable Verizon Collab

Verizon’s internet cannot be broken. Don’t believe me? Ask Beyoncé. Four days before the Superbowl, on February 7, Verizon posted a video featuring ‘Veep’ and ‘Arrested

Development’ actor Tony Hale on squeezing lemons to X/Twitter. Fans suspected it was connected to Beyoncé but only after hearing just a small snippet of her song ‘My House,’ as the video ended, and connecting the lemons with her 2016 hit album, Lemonade.

As the Superbowl night began to unfold, Verizon released its commercial. The ad opens as Beyoncé is shooting a new music video for her song ‘My House’ in all red, which is typical Verizon fashion. Tony Hale surprisingly walks in and reveals that she broke the internet, but she cannot break Verizon’s 5G Internet. To that, she confidently says, “Bet I can.” 

To prove Hale wrong, Beyoncé goes on multiple quests to break the internet. First, she opens her own lemonade stand attracting many fans. When that does not work, she streams on Twitch, creates BeyoncéI (her version of AI), sits on top the Vegas Sphere, and even runs for BOTUS (Beyoncé of The United States). While they all break the internet, they do not break Verizon. 

At the end of the ad, she says, “Okay, they ready. Drop the new music!” This goes viral as her new music hits streaming services after the queue on the commercial. After recently releasing the groundbreaking album ‘Renaissance’ and finishing the tour with the same name, she is coming back with even more. 

Beyoncé and Verizon’s collaboration may have been unexpected, but it gave both parties effective exposure, with the clear message: If Beyoncé cannot break Verizon’s 5G network, then who can?

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