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Are You Addicted to Social Media?

What’s the first thing you wake up to? Do you get ready to go to work as soon as you wake up? Do you wake up and talk to your spouse? Let’s be real, you wake up looking at your phone, right? It’s pretty normal for people to look at their phone in the morning, but the first thing people tend to look at are their social media pages. How often do you hop on social media? Do you get on social media every four minutes, every 20 minutes, or every hour? Everybody gets on social media every day, but do you think that you’re addicted to social media? According to United Press International, Snapchat turns conversations into streaks, Instagram glorifies the picture-perfect life, Facebook segregates us into echo chambers, and YouTube auto plays the next video within seconds. Also, some young adults and teenagers stay in bed all day and get on social media because that’s the only thing that entertains them. Good things about social media are staying connected with family and friends, fundraising and social awareness, and showing us some of the great research that is being done in the world. Bad things about social media are self-image issues, fear of missing out, and damaging perceptions of online vs. reality. Have you ever heard of a “social media fast?” A social media fast is where you go days, weeks, or months without social media. This fast probably sounds hard, but it will predict if you’re addicted to social media or not. It wouldn’t hurt if you give this fast a try!

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