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7 Design trends for 2021

This article may be a little late, but who knows what this year has in store for us, right? (We surely didn’t know last year.)

Here are some design trends to look out for!

Nature-inspired/organic designs

With everyone stuck at home, we’ve all been looking for ways to get outside. So, if we can’t be outside, then why not bring the outside to us? While nature-inspired designs may have been here for the past few years, it will continue to rise especially with the influence on the increased focus on sustainability and environmentalism. Be on the look-out for more softer, earthy tones.

Muted colors

This is another trend that’s been here to stay. Muted colors are softer than the usual vivid ones; usually, they’re mixed with either a black or white base. With the hectic year that we’ve had, people may lean towards more relaxed colors. Bold colors may come off as “trying too hard” or insincere whereas muted colors can seem a little more authentic.


Minimalism has been one of the top design styles for a long time and it’s not going anywhere. It maintains an effortless yet professional and stylish look. It also brings a sense of clarity as opposed to a busy design where it may be hard to focus on one thing at a time.

Duotones and monochrome

This ties in with the whole minimalistic look. It allows designers to play with textures, patterns and shapes in a limited color range. It also brings a sense of structure and harmony to the design which pushes the idea of a relaxed and calm theme.

Geometric shapes

The usage of geometric shapes breaks away from reality and highlights the simplicity of building blocks into a more recognizable idea. It can add consistency and structure to design especially if it’s paired with a duotone color palette. It’s also easier to create.

Flat icons

The use of flat icons has dropped but are starting to pick up again. They’re ideal because they can be used in different graphics such as social media visuals, infographic and/or presentations. They are also easily recognizable; you could probably understand what the designer is trying to say without any context.

3-D designs

3-d designs have been steadily on the rise. It blurs the lines of digital and physical. Some designers combine 3-d designs with flat illustrations or photos. Others add movement and animation to make their designs stand out from the rest.

Did we miss anything? Have you noticed any of these trends this year? Let us know what you think!

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