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  • Garrett Blaney

5 Helpful Apps to Help you Plan Your Next Event

Event planning can be one of the hardest and least recognized careers in the professional world. They have a job akin to Project Managers on a construction site; they are responsible for a large number of moving parts, each with its own separate function. The difficulty of this career has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, technology exists to make life easier for event planners, especially during a time in which the large portion of events are being held online. Here are the 5 best apps to help you plan your next event!

  1. Bizzabo

Bizzabo earns number one on this list because it is the “one-stop shop” of event planning apps. It is fully immersed with all online platforms such as Zoom, Vimeo, Skype and Youtube, which is a necessity in today's climate. Bizzabo allows for the customization of the registration experience, personalization of agendas, and contains an analytics section to help with post-event evaluation.

2 Eventzilla

If you are looking for the most streamlined registration and selling of tickets for an event then Eventzilla should be your go-to app. It allows for customization of the registration process by the use of widgets that connect to Facebook, WordPress, Instagram or other websites. They are also integrated with Paypal, Stripe and Square which allows for discounts to be set up (early bird anybody??) and an overall easy checkout process.

3. Social Tables

If you are looking to plan out more visually, Social Tables offers an interactive dashboard to help you visualize your event. Companies like Forbes and Marriott use its software to visualize the placement of things like stages, tents, chairs, and tables. If you like customizing your own floor plan then you need to check out this app.

4. Eventbrite

This is the app to use if you are using Facebook to promote your event. Everything is integrated completely and seamlessly into Facebook, such as marketing, ticket sales and RSVP’s. This app is only viable for in-person events as online events aren’t yet available. Nevertheless, Facebook has long been one of the top social media websites, so Eventbrite has earned their spot on this list.


To classify as an event planning app would be doing it a huge disservice. is a management software capable of marketing, recruitment, scheduling, and event registration. It is a powerful organizational tool that can help you track dates, coordinate speakers, and manage your budget. It is very useful for internal communication and can help integrate your team so that everybody is on the same page.

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