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5 Best Local PR Firms in Memphis

Who would’ve thought a city, “Home of the Blues” would have great PR/Advertising firms in the heart of it? Memphis, Tennessee is not just known for its great food, talented people, and music, but also its character in the Advertising and Marketing field!

Whether you need an agency to help take on a big project or help in the development of a small business, these firms can help!

Check out these PR/Advertising firms you can find in the Bluff City!

Archer Malmo is located in the Metropolitan area of Memphis. Its firm specializes in planning PR strategies, graphics, video and audio, and more! Check out thier site to see if their firm fits your business needs!

This company has three different locations. With its location in Memphis, this company works well with large to small businesses, as well as non-profits. Some services entail crisis management plans, advertising, website development, and more!

This company was founded by Amy Howell, based in Cordova, TN. Howell Marketing Strategies focuses on the PR side of the advertising field by offering PR services for various accountants, banks, lawyers, and more. Howell also offers services such as brand management, monitoring, and business planning.

A company with three different locations such as Memphis, Nashville, and Jackson, J. Herbison Communications specializes in public relations and marketing services such as crisis management, social media, media planning, and more. With over 25 years of experience, J. Herbison will help you with your business needs.

This award-winning PR company services clients from non-profit organizations to large social enterprises. This agency works well with journalists and provides services such as community relations and communication crisis management.

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