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  • Aly Brandon

Work(ing out) From Home

In this new stay at home era, a lot of aspects of people’s everyday routines have been changed. While a lot of our favorite places have been shut down, tons of fitness brands and companies have been using Instagram Live to provide their followers workouts. Prominent gyms, specialized fitness studios and even active clothing brands have been using Instagram Live to meet the needs of their members.

A lot of people find it hard to motivate themselves to do an at home workout, especially those who thrive in a group workout setting. With the recent closure of workout studios and gyms, these places had to figure out a creative way to meet the needs of their consumers. Although, this may not help support the company as much financially, they have not gone completely ghost during this time.

Clothing brands like Outdoor Voices, Nike, Carbon38 and several more have stepped it up on the content that they provide and leveraged themselves as a brand. Having special guests host a live segment on their Instagram with a fun and challenging workout seems to have helped grow their followings tremendously. Workout studios and gyms like SoulCycle, Rumble Boxing and the University of Memphis Campus Recreation Center are keeping their community active through Instagram lives.

It’s inspiring to see how creative companies are becoming during this time, and how social media has helped them stay in the loop. How do you think these free virtual workout classes will affect their business once they are able to open back up? Will people take advantage of the free content on Instagram or still pay for the in person experience? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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