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  • Jada Ojii

Tips For Healthy Stress Management

Stress can seemingly pop out of nowhere. It gives us a feeling of dread that we worry over, and it can make you anxious. Too much can not only be overwhelming, but it can also distract you from other important tasks.

Stress is completely normal, and everyone will experience it at some point. Even our pets can feel stress of their own related to how we feel. Because stress is never going away for good, it can be useful to understand ways to cope with stress in a healthy way.

As many of us know, it’s not the best idea to bottle up emotions related to stress, but rather figure out ways to cope when it comes. This can both help you to relax yourself and handle stress better in the future.

Switch Up Your Diet

Stress doesn’t mean you should go on a strict diet, but it’s recommended that you be more mindful of the vitamins and nutrients you do or don’t consume. We know that we are what we eat and that our diet plays a role in how we feel physically and emotionally, so it’s important to implement foods like vegetables, fruit and nuts for the added vitamin boost.

According to WebMD, foods like oatmeal and spinach offer vitamins that are great for managing fatigue, and they can also boost serotonin levels in the brain.


Meditation is a practice involving mindfulness, controlled breathing techniques and calm thoughts. This can create a clearer headspace and a break from whatever is hectic in your life. It’s also a stress-relieving technique that you can do on your own time and for free.

Those who are just beginning to practice meditation can check out different YouTube videos and apps to start new mantras or practices. As little as 10 minutes a day can help control stress and lessen anxiety.

Get Physical

Runner’s high occurs when physically-active joggers receive a rush of endorphins that can cause feelings of euphoria. The benefits of physical activity doesn’t end there.

Regular exercise, including light jogging and walking, can offer positive emotional benefits. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, or ADAA, the benefits of exercise include a decrease in stress along with improved concentration and alertness.

Many methods can be used to decrease the impact of stress and allow you to relax. From mindful yoga to exercise and diet choices, small daily efforts can help you tackle stress when it comes to your way. Also, keep in mind that often the best thing you can do is ask for support from friends and family. Don’t be afraid to call a close one to vent to if you need an outlet for your stressful thoughts.

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