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Joe Exotic: Tiger King turned Meme

Have you seen the new Netflix docuseries, Tiger King? If not, go to Netflix right now before you read any further.

The Tiger King, starring Joe Schreibvogel-Maldonado-Passage or Joe Exotic, is probably the craziest docuseries you’ll ever watch. The series has literally everything you could want in a docuseries: ligers, music videos, a wife who possibly fed her husband to tigers, a zoo owner paying someone to murder a woman, etc. It’s got so many twists and turns on the show that you’re never bored.

Now, the world of social media has had many mixed reactions about the series, but the memes that have come out of the rising popularity of the Tiger King are priceless.

*DISCLAIMER: I don’t condone any of the activities in the docuseries, it was very interesting to watch, but there was a whole lot of crazy going on the whole time that I didn’t agree with.

  • Joe and his eyebrow ring that is holding on for dear life

  • The internet is 100% in agreement that Carole Baskin killed her husband by feeding him to a tiger.

  • There was Alan Glover’s interview, in which he sat in his bathtub.

  • We surely can’t forget about Joe’s blossoming music career.

  • Also, the haircuts on almost everyone on the show are criminal.

Okay, that’s all the memes I have for you guys, but Buzzfeed has a whole article with many more Tiger King memes.

Have you watched Tiger King? What did you think? Let us know in the comments and leave more memes if you have some!

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