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  • Autumn Keller

Is Love Blind?

Have you heard of the new popular Netflix series called “Love is Blind”?

Unless you live under a rock, or just don’t have a Twitter account, then you have definitely seen the online conversations or overheard friends discussing it.

Its popularity can be credited to its unique design and jarring results.

Most people when watching, including myself, were shocked at what looked like almost immediate connections forming between absolute strangers.

With the design of the show being that no opposite gender participant can see each other, only hear each other, the focus on actual connection was the only determining factor for these hopeful singles.

They even had to propose to that person without ever seeing them!

Of course the true test, and what kept us all on the edge of our seat, was when the couple finally stood together at the altar and either said “I do” or “I don’t”.

So is love blind?

Our question was answered in the reunion episode filmed a year after the couples’ wedding dates.

Some walked away heartbroken that day, but two couples, Lauren & Cameron and Barnett & Amber, ended up actually getting married and are still together today!

So I guess the answer is that love can be blind.

Want to watch the series? Login or sign up for Netflix here.

Let us know your opinions on the show and about love down below!

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