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  • Coye Fairman

First Time for Everything

The new decade and the year 2020 did not start on such a positive note. Coronavirus’s pandemic has caused many radical measures in order to keep everyone around the globe safe and healthy. However, the latest news about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is by far the most shocking.

On March 24, three months before the opening ceremony, the International Olympic Committee agreed to postpone the games to 2021. In the midst of this worldwide crisis, I understand why this decision was made.

First of all, Japan is located very close to the pandemic epicenter, China. The proximity between the two sites has definitely influenced the decision to postpone the Games to a later time. Moreover, thousands and thousands of athletes would be in danger if the situation were not under control by July 23.

Besides the health-related issues, there are also financial stakes. Japan had invested billions of dollars in facilities. Moreover, the country was expecting millions of visitors, which would have helped balance the costs and expenses.

In my opinion, the decision to postpone the Games to August 2021 was a good decision. That way, we will keep our athletes and visitors safe. However, Japan will be under great financial pressure until 2021. I do believe the Japanese government will survive this crisis and put up the great Olympic Games.

How do you feel about the postponement of the 2020 Olympics? Let us know in the comments below!

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