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Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

It’s Saturday night and you have nothing to do. You can’t go out because of the non-essential shutdown and social distancing. Do you catch up on some of the reading you’ve been behind on or finally tackle that laundry that has been staring at you for a week? Although both seem very compelling, I propose “Club Quarantine.” There’s no need to put on your best going-out clothes or even makeup. I also know of a few celebrities who are regulars at this club, and who wouldn’t want to party with them?

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COVID-19 has forced the world to participate in social distancing. For many of us, this is a difficult task since we are social beings. Due to boredom, many have begun to participate in a series of online challenges to help the day go by. Some celebrities like John Legend and Miguel have turned their Instagram live streams into concerts. Derrick Jones, also known as D-Nice, is a well-known DJ who has also been majorly affected by social distancing. If the bars and clubs are closed, then DJs are out of business too.

D-Nice decided to host a small party with friends on his Instagram live. It wasn’t meant to be anything major, then John Legend and Dave Chapelle joined. The next day more celebrities like J-Lo and Drake tuned in. By March 21, Club Quarantine had over 100,000 viewers worldwide. This isn’t just a live stream that you watch; everyone is actively participating. Fans and celebrities post things like, “The bar closes in 15” or “Who let this person in”? D-Nice also adds people to his live streams from time to time.

Club Quarantine has helped D-Nice’ following grow to over a million followers. Some of the notable people to join Club Quarantine have been Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and Mark Zuckerberg. He has added celebs on the live to talk about COVID-19 and how we can do our part. One of his larger partnerships was when former NFL Linebacker Dhani Jones hosted Club Quarantine. The event was a fundraising event to help raise money for people affected by COVID-19. The event was followed by the hashtag, GiveTogetherNow. This event raised more than 14.4 million and helped over 28,000 families.

Club Quarantine started as a one-time event, but fans and celebrities wanted more. D-Nice has been hosting these parties almost daily and he intends to keep doing them until everyone gets tired of it. Not only does Club Quarantine promote social distancing, it brings everyone together in a rough time like this. With his growing platform he will continue to work with other brands and influencers to promote awareness about COVID-19. With that being said, the party must go on. Will you be at the next Club Quarantine?

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