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  • Jael Hardaway

Coronarivus Has Taken Over Your Life, What Now?

Coronavirus has been the topic for weeks now, and it has also altered the way individuals go about their daily routine, like college students. The University of Memphis has transitioned to online classes. Click here to visit all the rules and regulations regarding Coronavirus. However, students are back to their hometowns worried about how they are going to maintain their grades.

With all this fear and uncertainty on how to carry the workload while maintaining a positive mind, here are some tips to keep yourself on track with classes!

  1. Set a Major Goal. My most important tip for anyone attending or considering an online degree is to stay on task.

  2. Treat Studying Like a Job

  3. Make a Study Plan

  4. Manage Time Carefully

  5. Have Dedicated Study Blocks

  6. Find a Quiet Space

  7. Eliminate Distractions

  8. Limit Social Media

There are also ways to utilize your network online. University of Memphis offers tutoring online and you can access it on the University of Memphis Website. Stay determined and focused. Remember, you got this!

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